Passion. What is it? According to Webster, passion is defined as:


noun \ˈpa-shən\

: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something

: a strong feeling (such as anger) that causes you to act in a dangerous way

: a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone

How many can say that they live with passion?  I can.  I live my passion every day. You see, I am a performer in the entertainment business. I am not anyone big. I perform in small venues where it is hardly known whom or even what your entertainment is on any particular evening. But I get to do this often.  I’m actually older than your average stereotypical entertainment archetype.  I rarely think about that, in fact, I look at my age and time in the biz as a badge of honor… I’m a veteran.

That’s just me, but I imagine I’m no different than any Doctor, Lawyer, and Street Sweeper, Woodworker or anyone else who loves what they do. No matter WHAT the vocation. Anyone who eats breathes and sleeps their dream.  Happy that while not the “it “person or well known rock star in their respective field, they are happy none the less, no, scratch that, ECSTATIC that they are a small fish but a small fish in their preferred pond.

Now let’s take a moment of silence for those that live without passion. It’s a very sad, unhealthy state of affairs. I was one for ten years. I had ZERO passion for what I did. It was a paycheck. A very good one by the way, but I was miserable.  Every time I looked in the mirror I hated the person I saw. The reflection was not genuine, a liar. That career started off as a plan “B”. I will never create a plan “B” again. Plan “B’s often take the place of plan “A” because plan “B’s” are safer.

You know all this. So why are you not pursuing plan “A”? Only YOU can answer THAT question. I’m not sayin’ “ok quite your day job and start from scratch” (even though I did) What I’m sayin’ is “life is too short to die with the music still in you”. You’re never too old, it’s never too late, start small but do SOMETHING to chase your passion…Learn how to change the oil yourself, build a simple box out of wood, Hell!, look, I’m writing a friggin’ article!!

Dream it, chase it, live it. Peace.