Guitar Influences

A lifelong student of the guitar, Robert’s style of playing is always a conscience balancing act of emotion first, technical prowess, and a melting pot of assimilated genres that consist of rock, jazz, blues, funk, and soul. Early influences were the masters of speaking volumes with just one note: Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton. Today, while still subscribing to the “less is more” philosophy of music, Robert will from time to time indulge himself and catch his audience off guard with an occasional, well placed flurry of notes or two handed tapping technique inspired by his love and respect for the contributions both Edward Van Halen and Steve Vai have made to modern rock music.

Jimmy Page’s acoustic guitar style has always moved me the most. David Gilmour is brilliant. James Taylor is always brilliant, Tommy Emmanuelle makes me want to give up, and strive all at the same time. Michael Hedges, Michael Schenker, Slash and Prince all have impressed me with their acoustic work. Randy Rhodes in his short life created beautiful acoustic pieces.