“When I was just a kid in 1972, I heard Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke On The Water’ for the first time, and my world stood still for five minutes and forty-one seconds. I knew right then and there I wanted to play guitar.”

It started over four decades ago. It was a golden age for rock & roll. A guitar found its way into his hands. The rest, is as they say history. From the very moment, an adolescent Robert Garcia picked up his first guitar, he’s been making people grin, clap and join in.

Born and raised in New York, Robert Garcia started a musical journey then, that today it could be said that at its most powerful transcends musical barriers, uniting people who on the surface may seem to have very little in common.

A Staten Island native, Rob discovered by 8th grade how a guitar and a great song could connect audiences with him, as well as with each other, creating a like minded community of friends, and fans. When asked “what do you do for a living?” He consistently replies, “I help people forget about life for awhile”.